Image by Fabian Quintero



Professional coaches are trained to listen, observe, and evoke breakthroughs for clients. Coaching is about creating transformational change. My coaching work is grounded in evidence-based practice and research. My focus is on coaching clients to be their very best self and achieve their goals. Coaches elicit solutions and discoveries that come from within
the client.


A coaching relationship is a designed alliance between the client and coach. This safe, trusting and positive coaching relationship invites clients to be open, curious, and live life as naturally whole, complete, resourceful, and self-actualized.

"It’s rare that you come across standout high-quality leadership and organizational development talent like Linda. Her ability to help develop others into great leaders is truly remarkable. She provides excellent human resources knowledge and elevated supportive guidance in a truly human way. She will inspire leaders to be their best and develop plans to support those looking to grow and improve."

~ City of Boulder