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Client testimonials



"You had such a positive impact on my career and confidence and I want to thank you immensely for the role you have played in my career development" ~ City of Boulder Coaching Client

"While working with Linda as a Coach for a 6 month period, she was an inspiration. The personal touch, technical skills, and tools she shared with me in a very difficult time of my life, inspired me to look deep into myself." - R.F

"Our coaching sessions improved my communication and perceptions with my peers, as well as validating my passion and worth to the organization I work for. She listens and shares insights to help with personal and professional growth. I would highly recommend hiring her for all future coaching engagements. " - K.B. 

"Through her coaching and guidance, I was able to explore my professional fears, work towards self-identified goals, manage major personal and professional internal barriers that kept me stuck (Saboteurs) and develop confidence and strength in the professional woman and experienced employee that I am." ~ A.F

"I was looking for a career change and I connected with Linda. We had several virtual coaching calls together to discuss what I wanted out of a career and what my future goals were. She took time to understand who I was as a person and what was important to me." - A.B. 

"I started the VA Coaching for Executives Program.  She helped me see my full potential. Doors are opening in my career, life and now in higher education as a Board of Trustee. I now have tools to manage, excel, and elevate to my fullest potential." - Gregorio Kishketon

"During Linda's tenure at the City of Boulder, it was clear to me that she had built strong relationships across all departments and at all levels. She was a trusted coach that was compassionate and dedicated to the development of teams and individuals." ~ Lauren Mersich, HR Manager at EMIT Technologies, Inc. 

"Linda saw my potential from the very beginning of our time together. She opened up my mind, gently questioned my limiting beliefs, and helped me identify my super strengths. Along the way, I learned to set boundaries around my work to allow more time and presence for what's truly important to me." - C.R. 

"I worked with Linda on increasing my self-awareness to become a better leader. Her coaching helped me discover my own natural strengths as a leader of leaders. I appreciate the safe space I had in our coaching sessions. Thank you, Linda." - S.K.


Community Engagement

"We recently hired her to facilitate community engagement meetings. She did a great job of designing the sessions based on our desired outcomes. She is extremely flexible and and makes adjustments on the spot." ~ Eileen Gomez, Human Resources Manager at North Metro Fire Rescue District


Building DEI and HR Infrastructures

"I can't say enough what an incredible and talented individual Linda is and what an immense amount of experience she has in the field of human resources and professional coaching." ~ Perla Delgado, PhD, Chief Executive Officer/Executive Director at "I Have A Dream"​ Foundation of Boulder County 



Human Resources Knowledge

"It’s rare that you come across standout high-quality leadership and organizational development talent like Linda. Her ability to help develop others into great leaders is truly remarkable. She provides excellent human resources knowledge and elevated supportive guidance in a truly human way." ~ City of Boulder Client

Depths of Conflict and Challenges

"I’ve witnessed her moderating team meetings and providing one-to-one executive coaching. Linda uniquely identifies common threads, and poses thought-provoking questions which enable the team/individual to advance." ~ Shara Brice, Community Builder at Our Community Listens

Positive Leadership and Appreciative Inquiry

"With strong experience as a leader and excellent knowledge around organizational development, any time Linda's presented, I’ve taken away valuable insights around leadership." ~ Ben Travis, Marketing Manager at Bonusly

Elevated supportive guidance

"It has truly been a pleasure working with such an outstanding human resources and organizational leader as Linda Rad. It’s rare that you come across standout high quality leadership and organizational development talent like Linda." ~ Leo Pelle, City of Boulder Parking Enforcement Supervisor

Listen to others in authentic way

"The communication skills workshop Linda facilitated was one of the best workshops I’ve ever attended!  The workshop was interactive, meaningful, and really helped me develop my communication as a leader." ~ G.R.

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